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Big Brother alum feels Todrick Hall doesn’t need to apologize



Todrick On The CBB Live Feeds
Todrick Hall is still getting talked about a lot in the world of Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

One Big Brother alum has shared a lot of opinions about Todrick Hall from Celebrity Big Brother 3, and he feels that Todrick “doesn’t owe anybody anything” following the end of the season.

Sam Smith from Big Brother 21 has had a lot of things to say about how the season came to a close, soon after predicting that Todrick would be the winner.

It was Miesha Tate who won Celebrity Big Brother, and on finale night, Todrick canceled all post-show interviews and disappeared into the night.

Recently, Todrick popped up on social media again, urging people to buy tickets to his musical tour. He did receive the support of some Big Brother alums, as well as some of his die-hard fans from the American Idol days.

Sam Smith shares his opinions on Todrick Hall

“Everyone crying that Toddrick needs to apologize, why? He doesn’t owe anybody anything. We are who we are on a reality show, but strangers want us to come out and apologize to them for not faking it good enough lol naw fam[sic],” Sam Smith posted to his Twitter acount.

This was Smith’s response to the apologies that have been extended by other celebs. Carson Kressley apologized to Shanna Moakler when he found out that he had been duped, and Miesha Tate also apologized after she won CBB3.

Sam Smith On Todrick
Sam Smith shares his thoughts on a possible Todrick Hall apology. Pic credit: @BB21_Sam/Twitter

Who was Sam Smith from Big Brother 21?

Sam Smith was a member of the Big Brother 21 cast and a houseguest who got sent home before the BB21 jury started forming.

The truck driver from Pennsylvania started out the season strong, winning the first two Veto Competitions. Sam worked with Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang, but after winning the Power of Veto twice, he became a target of Holly Allen in Week 5.

Sam notoriously blew up the Gr8ful alliance that had been running the game, right before he was sent packing. It didn’t stop that alliance from continuing to control the house, and it led to Jackson Michie winning BB21 and Holly finishing in second place.

In the history of Big Brother USA, only a handful of people have won the first two Power of Veto necklaces in a season. They were Daniele Donato on BB8, Shane Meaney on BB14, Sam on BB21, and then Derek Xiao on BB23.

For Big Brother fans looking forward to seeing a new season or those who are interested in applying, the BB24 cast will be residing in the house this summer. It looks to be a season with a completely new group of houseguests, especially after the celebrities played the game this winter.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS in Summer 2022.

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Congressman Ro Khanna Says Hiring Philosophers Can Fix Social Media



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  • Congressman Ro Khanna shared his thoughts on how social platforms can have more positive social impact.  
  • Khanna recommended hiring philosophers and “liberal arts thinkers” to social media companies. 
  • They’d better reveal why “developing a thoughtful public sphere is so much harder” than the platforms realize, he said.

Rep. Ro Khanna said he’d advise social media companies looking to make a positive change in the world to hire humanities majors and “liberal arts thinkers.” 

“I’d say hire 100 philosophy majors, political science majors, journalists, and people who are liberal arts thinkers,” Khanna who California’s 17th district, home to Silicon Valley, said in an interview with Morning Brew.

“And they will help you realize the fundamental naivete of the view that if you just create a platform for people to come talk on and amplify everything that’s said, it will somehow lead to mutual understanding, dialogue, and peace. Developing a thoughtful public sphere is so much harder,” the congressman added. 

Khanna’s comments come as social media companies like Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, face a reckoning over their wider social impact.

In testimony before Congress in October, Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen shed light on a wide variety of issues on the platform, including alleged failures to regulate hate speech, ties to fomenting the January 6 riot at the Capitol, and internal research that found the platforms harmful to the mental health and body image of teens. 

Khanna said it’s important for political leaders to closely study the pitfalls of tech hubs like Silicon Valley, in order to improve the future of technology companies, particularly as they spread to other regions across the country. 

“We have to learn the lessons of things we did poorly in Silicon Valley or in other parts of the country that have seen these tech metropolises emerge,” he told Morning Brew. 

He added that Congress should work toward having more experience with social media so they can better regulate it. 

“You don’t have to be a techie to make tech policy,” he said. “And you don’t have to work in tech. But you do have to have some basic experience, right? [Members of Congress] should be managing their own social media accounts, tweeting for themselves every now and then.”

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