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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental and Quality Standards
The long-term nature of our business strategy underpins the viability of our business and safeguards jobs. A key role is played by our concern for the environment and our focus on quality.

The success of our company depends on our products, our employees and customer satisfaction. We have a 60-year track record of designing and building plant technology of exceptional quality and durability. And our commitment is for the entire lifecycle: with comprehensive services that mean our customers can be confident they have chosen the right partner and the right solutions. And we do not rest on our laurels. We continue to improve and enhance our products and services with a view to fulfilling the real-world needs of our customers and the imperatives of a global marketplace.

As a global environmental-technology player, we feel a special responsibility for conserving energy and natural resources. Against this background, our products and our processes are designed to minimize the impact on the environment.

Quality Management

Quality Management
Since quality is critical to continued success, we are committed to achieving the best possible quality in all areas of our business. We concentrate on the avoidance rather than the rectification of faults – with a quality management system that ensures the end-to-end monitoring of all processes.

The quality of our products and services is a direct result of the knowledge and skills of our employees. Against this background, we nurture a quality-driven mindset through regular information and training. This enables effective continuous improvement, sustaining our competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Environmental Management

     Environmental Management
Environmental protection is central to our long-term business strategy. Not content with our own internal contribution, we also promote intelligent, inter-enterprise eco-friendly solutions and the development of innovative environmental technologies.

We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint, and to conserving natural resources. At Eisenmann, environmental protection has the attention and backing of our top management. This ensures that we achieve our eco-objectives quickly, effectively and with the support and dedication of our entire workforce.

We do everything possible to prevent accidents and environmental damage in all areas and at all stages. We favor eco-friendly manufacturing methods and products that either avoid or reduce waste, waste water and emissions. Where the use of hazardous materials is unavoidable, we select those that pose the least threat to human and environmental health. Regular assessments enable us to determine the associated risks and to plan and implement preventive action.

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