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Corporate Social Responsibility

Vedanta continues to invest in Zambia despite legal dispute over KCM



Despite a dispute with investment company ZCCM-Investment Holdings over Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), Vedanta Resources Holdings (Vedanta) and its parent company Vedanta Resources has continued with financial and corporate social responsibility programmes in Zambia.

In May 2019, the Zambian government handed control of Vedanta’s Zambia-based copper-producing subsidiary KCM to a liquidator, and has since been locked in legal arguments over the case, which has been heard in Zambia and South Africa.

Nonetheless, Vedanta says KCM remains committed to supporting its employees and communities by enhancing the corporate social responsibility projects at the mines and within the local communities.

As such, Vedanta is continuing to work with the community on development projects in education, health, sports and sustainable livelihoods programmes, investing over $3-billion in Zambia since Vedanta became a shareholder in KCM in 2004.

KCM employs about 12 000 people in all areas of its operations.

Vedanta’s commitment to contribute to the growth of the Zambian economy has resulted in it paying more than $1.3-billion in taxes toward the Zambian Exchequer.

Vedanta also invested $1.7-billion in growth projects such as $900-million into a new shaft as part of the Konkola Deep Mine project, a new 300 000 t/y smelter and a $700-million concentrator.

Vedanta points out that it spent about $200-million on social programmes, such as malaria “eradication”, healthcare, sports and education. Other social initiatives included two hospitals and 14 satellite clinics to take care of 60 000 Zambians and the extension of support for the malaria programme for 40 000 households every year

Vedanta also says it reduced incidents of malaria by 90%; started and funded three football clubs, hiring good coaches; introduced an adult literacy programme, and provided safe drinking water to over 8 000 residents of Chingola through solar-powered boreholes.

The future of KCM is of “utmost importance” to Vedanta and the company is “committed to making a positive contribution” to KCM’s employees and their families, business partners, suppliers and their employees, local residents and generally the people of Zambia, states Vedanta in a statement.

Vedanta says it will commit to getting KCM back on track if it is returned full control of KCM.

Should the miner be granted full control of KCM, it will invest in social initiatives at KCM, such as the KCM “Go Green” initiative, an adult literacy programme, a leather cottage project, a clean water project and wellness programmes.

In the past five months, corporate social responsibility activity conducted by Vedanta, although limited owing to ongoing litigation, includes the provision of sanitary pads to 3 000 vulnerable school-going girls, who have no proper access to sanitary health and the Chingola Women’s Correctional Facility.

The miner has also provided 25 000 masks to various schools; provided weed killer to four cooperatives, covering over 12 000 ha; sponsored logistics services and masks to disabled persons through a nongovernmental organisation (NGO); sponsored the Vedanta Youth Cup; and distributed tents to NGOs, churches and the Chingola Central Police.

Further, Vedanta facilitated the spraying of mosquito repellent across Chingola town and sponsored the Copperbelt Youth Initiative Programme/Chingola Women of Substance with their NGO activities.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Book Review: Leading By Example



Diamonds Are Forever, So are Morals

Govind Dholakia

As told to Arun Tiwari and Kamlesh Yagnik 

Penguin Enterprise 

INR 699

One would say that diamonds and morals do not go together, given the countless songs and films on the subject, but this autobiography of the world’s leading diamond tycoon proves that they do. Picking up on the title of one of the more spectacular James Bond books, Govind Dholakia, has embarked on the story of how he reached the heights of the diamond business after his birth into a humble agricultural family in a small village in Gujarat. Without any special learning or education, with dreams and determination in his heart, he made his way to Surat, the nearest big city armed only with his faith in Shri Krishna. 

Starting as a diamond polisher, he honed his trade and experience and step by step began to climb up the ladder of success. Eventually, he founded Shree Ram Krishna Exports (SRK) in 1970, to date the world’s largest diamond crafting and exports company and was eventually successful in shifting the headquarters of the diamond business from Belgium to India. Later, on the wings of his success, he established the SRK Knowledge Foundation (SRKKF), which extended the SRK ethics philosophy to corporate social responsibility.

Like all rags to riches stories, the path to success was not smooth. He was betrayed, he lost friends and sickness intervened in his family. However, there were mystic moments that added new meaning – like his wife’s vision in the Meenakshi Temple that led to the birth of his daughter. Dholakia actually went to a sage to ask whether he should become a sadhu but was advised to start a family – which resulted in his peeping Tom antics to see his future wife’s face since she came from an even more traditional family and intermingling was not allowed before marriage.

 Every detail of his life is described and told in the Katha tradition to engineer-scientist Arun Tiwari, one of APJ Kalam’s students and educationalist Kamlesh Yagnik, in a simple straightforward narrative, that sometimes has a tongue in cheek twist. The story flows from incident to incident occasionally throwing up hints that are not always explained – like a mysterious meal in Russia that reminded Dholakia of another incident in Amsterdam without the necessary connection being made. Diamonds are Forever could also do with some meticulous editing to match the meticulous storytelling. 


In a world of millennials, there is a new emphasis on the values that matter, a newfound focus on the self, the body and the home as a source of truth and comfort in a fast-changing world. Dholakia has deliberately chosen to address himself to the world’s youth through his approach and the message is driven home from the first page, mainly by example but also by expanding on mantras and spiritual learnings. The author is clear that he wants people to realise that ethics go hand in hand with success and in the end bring satisfaction to those who follow that path. The text is inspired by works like Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Wings of Fire by APJ Abdul Kalam, taking their basic core and uniting them into one seminal book. 

Dholakia’s work has the endorsement of no less than Narendra Modi, his fellow Gujarati, who pronounces the work a “source of inspiration” for generations to come and wishes it every possible success. 

The autobiography treads a fine balance between Dholakia’s spiritual self and his work karma and will certainly intrigue some young get rich quick entrepreneurs to flip through it and perhaps pick up on the message. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Monarch donates operational vehicle, accommodation to Osun NSCDC



Commandant Emmanuel Ocheja, test-driving the operational vehicle donated by the Orangun of Ika, Ejigbo, Oba Sakariyau Oladimeji Owolabi, on May 20, 2022.

As part of his own contribution to combating insecurity in Osun state, His Royal Majesty Oba Sakariyau Oladimeji Owolabi, the Orangun of Ika, Ejigbo, Osun state has donated one operational vehicle, and accommodation to the Nigeria Security and Corps (NSCDC), Osun state command on 20th May, 2022.

While presenting the vehicle to the state Commandant, Commandant Emmanuel Ocheja, the Orangun of Ika, Ejigbo, said the gesture is part of his corporate social responsibility to security architecture, explaining that security is a collective responsibility.

According to a statement by Osun NSCDC PRO, ASC II Atanda Olabisi, the monarch said, everyone must collaborate with security agencies to put an end to criminalities in the country.

HRM Oba Sakariyau Oladimeji said further that it is only in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that development can take place. Hence, the monarch stressed the need to further partner with security personnel in the country.

Speaking during the handing over of the vehicle and the apartment, Commandant Emmanuel Ocheja of the NSCDC, Osun State Command commended the Kabiyesi for the gesture.

He said the gesture is timely as insecurity is on the high side in the country, noting that fight against insecurity should not be left for the government alone.

He advised that everyone is expected to support security agencies in order to make the country safe for all.

While assuring the king of judicious use of the vehicle and apartment, Commandant Ocheja said the gesture would be fully utilized for the purpose for which they were donated.

He also called on well-meaning Nigerians to rise up to the challenges facing security agencies in the country.

CC Ocheja also pledged the unflinching commitment of the command towards combating crimes in the state.

He also use the occasion to assure all residents of Osun State of adequate security before, during and after the forthcoming gubernatorial election.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

OPINION – Quantitative and Qualitative Measurements of CSR: Figures and Descriptions



Carlos Noronha

Vice President, Executive Council

Macau Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility in Greater China (MICSRGC)

In March 2022, the Second Standing Committee of the Macau Legislative Assembly reported that some legislators were concerned about how CSR activity of the gaming operators under the new gaming law can be ‘quantified’ and the President of the Committee expressed that it is very difficult to do. Let us take a look at this matter of measuring good deeds (CSR).

It can be generally mentioned that there are quantitative (by numbers, figures or monetary amounts) measurements as well as qualitative measurements of how companies contribute to society in the form of CSR.

What has been questioned by the legislators, and probably the public, is largely in terms of monetary contributions given by gaming operators to society. Everyone is certainly reminded of the 35% special gaming tax on operators’ gross income plus another 4-5% for social, infrastructure and other contributions. Most likely, people are seeking to find out whether, under the new gaming law, this 4-5% contribution will be increased. It is natural that the public will focus on this so called “CSR contribution”, but when the money goes to the coffer and whether it is spent in an effective and efficient way, is entirely another issue.

Back to the main issue of how to measure CSR. This is a difficult question but there are already what we called “measurements of social performance/contributions” (MSP/C) worldwide. It is not difficult for one to have access to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the so-called sustainable shares versus the “sin stocks”. If a business is listed on a particular stock market, it must fulfill certain ESG (environmental, social and governance) requirements and disclosures. For example, members of MICSRGC have already conducted research using the “Social Contribution Value per Share” (SCVPS), which is a numerical indicator of how much an enterprise is contributing towards the main stakeholders, such as the investors, government, customers, and suppliers; and taking into account the negative impacts business operations may have on the environment. Our research has also indicated that this kind of quantitative measurement can be informative to investors, giving them good indicators and criteria for investing in sustainable businesses. At present, the SCVPS is only disclosed by companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. We believe that it is applicable to companies listed on other stock markets.

What about the qualitative side of CSR measurements? I would like to share an experience of our institute, MICSRGC, being involved in an upcoming public award for responsible entrepreneurship. The “Deignan Award for Responsible Entreprenuership” is a newly set up form of recognition for businesses in Macau and Hong Kong (especially small-and-medium-sized enterprises) which have attained the award criteria and have performed in an outstanding way in terms of CSR, sustainability, ESGs, and business ethics. The event is co-organized by the Wofoo Foundation Limited in Hong Kong, the Macau Ricci Institute, and a number of key organizations including the University of Saint Joseph, the Hong Kong International Institute of Educational Leadership as well as the Center for Catholic Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In shaping the award criteria, MICSRGC assisted in operationalizing the five core or foundational values of Alfred Deignan, S.J., namely “Respecting Human Dignity”, “Respecting Fairness”, “Respecting the Environment”, “Respecting Business Ethics”, “Respective the Disadvantaged”, plus “enhancing value” which looks into social innovativeness and crisis management. The award is open for applications and the judging panel includes respected names in the social, business and philanthropy areas in Macau and Hong Kong. Every foundational value of the award has to be substantiated by evidence – qualitative as well as quantitative – thus the inspiration behind this article. It is worth looking forward to seeing how the nominees contribute toward CSR and related issues like sustainability, ESG and so on.

In drafting the award criteria, MICSRGC (with the unconditional help of our academic members and volunteers) has referred to various awards on CSR, business ethics, and business excellence in other countries and regions. CSR is not dependent on the monetary amount any large corporation has spent on public relations or marketing. The message is simple and clear: Good deeds are difficult to measure, but if we measure them, we need to be vigilant and not be swayed by extravagant forms and impressive titles.

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