Congress has always been against OBCs, says BJP scheduled caste cell chief

Narmadapuram (Madhya Pradesh): The Congress government has been cheating the backward class since independence, said the chief of scheduled caste cell of the BJP, Kailash Jatav on Saturday.

He said that the BJP government had got a resolution passed in the assembly that without OBC reservation, urban body elections should not be held.

The Congress, on the other hand, presented in the Public Service Reservation Amendment Bill in the assembly that only 27% of the population comprised of OBC people during their regime in 2018.

The data was misleading and untrue, he said.

Jatav said that the BJP’s leadership has always favoured the backward castes.

He further said that they wanted the OBCs to get their apt representation, but the Congress party has been putting hurdles in the way.

He said the Congress party never allowed the backward caste leaders to rise.

They pretend to be a backward caste favouring party, but they have never worked for their interests, he added.

First total lunar eclipse to be visible in western countries tomorrow

The western countries will witness the first total lunar eclipse of the year on Monday and the moon will appear to be red in colour, said Science Broadcaster Sarika Gharu on Saturday.

The red moon is called Bloodmoon, she said.

She said that the event will be visible in parts of Europe and Africa apart from North and South America.

This will be the longest total eclipse of this century, occurring between 8 pm and 11 pm primetime in the West Coast. Hence, this would also be called The Longest Prime Time Totality of the Century.

The duration of a complete eclipse will be 1 hour 25 minutes.

Sarika said the next eclipse would appear on November 8 and it would last for 1 hour 24 minute 54 seconds.

Therefore, it is the most balanced pair of total lunar eclipses in a single calendar year.

The eclipses so balanced occurred in 1661 last and will occur in 2091 the next time.

Sarika said that although this eclipse will not be visible in India, but in this era of globalization, when many Indian youth are in America, when they will be watching the eclipse in their evening sky and then it will be Buddha Purnima morning in India.

Some major cities where the total lunar eclipse will be visible:

Rome, London, Paris, Johannesburg, Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago

Time in India on May 16, 2022 :

Shadow Eclipse (Penumbral Eclipse) starts at 07:02:05 hours

Total Eclipse (Total Eclipse) starts at 08:59:03 hours

Total Eclipse (Total Eclipse) ends at 10:23:55 hours

Shadow Eclipse (Penumbral Eclipse) ends at 12:20:49 hours

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Published on: Sunday, May 15, 2022, 01:52 AM IST

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