RBI officers on 3-week training at NALSAR

Hyderabad: The Reserve Bank of India Staff College principal, Chennai, Babuji has highlighted the life and duty-mindedness skills in the bank, how hard work plays a vital role in success in any career, the value of human being, and the practice of meditation.

He addressed the participants on the first day of the three-week training programme for Grade B (Direct Recruitment) RBI officers at NALSAR University of Law on Monday.

K Nikhila, RBI Regional Director. Hyderabad, emphasised in an inspiring lecture the work culture of the bank and incentives being provided; a lot of other learning objectives such as soft skills, inter and intra-personal skills and how they will help in day-to-day activities. She explained the positive thinking and respectful environment which certainly brings the best working environment, referring to many examples from her working experience.

Prof V Balakista Reddy, Registrar of NALSAR, addressed the officers on changing contours of banking laws with special reference to globalisation, privatisation, liberalisation, digitalisation and ‘Covidisation’. He emphasised the importance of global financial and banking institutions such as GATT, IBRD, IMF, GATS and WTO and their role in domestic financial and banking regulations.

The training programme is to familiarise and enhance the knowledge of core Indian banking functionaries and systems. During the training sessions the emerging issues in banking such as crypto, Bitcoin, Black Chain, evolution of central banking, services, schemes, policy frameworks, statutory powers, Indian and global financial systems, currency management, various etiquette matters of RBI, monetary policy, conflict management, interpersonal skills and relationship through transactional analysis. More than 200 officers are attending the three-week training programme.

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